New friends

Jenn and I just spent the day with a guy and his sister from la. He is a very famous pop singer and actor in Asia... over 11,000,000 album sells ect.... He got saved and is connecting with some of us here at bethel.
-God is doing amazing things with Kris Vallotton's book called sexual revolution all over the world.
-I'm sitting here with tea and Braden watching some crazy cartoon on Nick Jr trying to figure out what the heck it is.
-Again a big thanks to eveyone who bought the new love came down cd/DVD. The money will go to my wife and kids and get me some hunting gear LOL!!!!!!
-Been thinking about Haiti and love the idea of sensing money with just texting 90999 to Haiti. Whoever thought of that idea is awesome!!!!!
-Just bought bannana republics latest leather jacket and am looking smooth.
-Jenn and I just booked a trip to kauai to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We are staying at the grand hyatt, and are sooooo excited about it!!!!
-Saw a shirt today that said "God is better than sex". I responded and said "God + sex = heaven on earth"... Lol!!!
-Getting ready to start working on worship school 2010 and the new bethel live cd for later this year.